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United Bricks historical minifigures are printed on genuine brand new LEGO parts using a high quality UV printing method. 


The M35 Gymnastyorka was slightly modified on 1 August 1941 after the experience of the Winter War, replacing the colorful rank collar tabs, with duller and subdued ones. Much had been learnt by the Soviets from their difficult victory over the Finns. The need for improved headwear for cold temperatures saw the ushanka replace the budenovka, but the side cap (pilotka) was popular during warmer weather. The SSh-39 was the Soviet helmet up until 1942 when it was faced out for the near identical SSh-40 (rivet replacement and a simpler liner). High leather boots were preferred, but ankle boots and puttees were still often seen.

The Soviet uniform underwent changes in 1943, but the M35 uniform could be seen in action up to the end of the war.


This set includes:


1x Original Lego Minifigure printed on all sides including, the head, torso, legs and arms


1x Brickarms SSH-40 helmet


1x Brickarms 3-line rifle M1891, colloquially known as Mosin–Nagant (Russian: винтовка Мосина / vintovka Mosina)


After the Russians stopped the German's only 30km short from Moscow they turned the tide and went on to win the war and take Berlin for Mother Russia! United Bricks WW2 Russian Telogreika PPSH Minifigure includes custom UV printed legs, torso and head as well as a Brickarms SSH-40 and Mosin Nagant.

Telogreika (Russian: телогре́йка "body warmer") or vatnik (Russian: ватник) is a Russian kind of warm cotton wool-padded jacket. It was also a part of winter uniform first issued by the Red Army during World War II.


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 Soviet Infantry with M35 Gymnastyorka (Mosin)

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  • Minifigure by United Bricks


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