This set includes:


1x Cobi Sd.Kfz. 184 Panzerjäger Tiger Elefant - German heavy tank destroyer

(Cobi Small Army Set No.2507)



The Elefant (German for "elephant") was a heavy Jagdpanzer (tank destroyer) used by German Wehrmacht Panzerjäger during World War II. Ninety-one units were built in 1943 under the name Ferdinand, after its designer Ferdinand Porsche, using tank hulls produced for the Tiger I tank design abandoned in favour of a Henschel design.

In January to April 1944, Ferdinands received modifications and upgrades. They were renamed Elefant in May 1944. The official German designation was Panzerjäger Tiger(P) and the ordnance inventory designation was Sd.Kfz. 184.


Catalog number: COBI-2507

Manufacturer: Cobi Factory SA

Length 28,5 mcm

Width 12 cm

Height 11 cm

Number of blocks: 500

Number of figures: 2

Age group: 7+


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Cobi Sd.Kfz. 184 Panzerjäger Tiger Elefant - Heavy Tank Destroyer

SKU: 253

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